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and Guru Penglima Darren Felsot are dedicated to bringing you the finest and most sophisticated instruction in the ancient traditions of the Indonesian Warrior. Our teaching is the perfect confluence of ancient and traditional Indonesian combatives combined with modern innovation and technology. The result is one of the most fluid, beautiful and deadly self-defense systems on the planet. We accept only a limited number of motivated students so call today to apply. No previous martial arts experience required.

PCK Newsletter

June 2011

PCK Cimande Alliance Summer Camp


Guru Penglima Darren Felsot
Owner/ Head Instructor

Guru Penglima Darren Felsot holds the Guru Penglima rank in Pukulan Cimande Kombinasi Pecak Silat under Guru Besar Jerry Jacobs, the Grandmaster of PCK. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Pukulan Cimande Kombinasi International as the Florida Director and Law Enforcement Director. At King Dragon Martial Arts, Guru Penglima Darren teaches Traditional Pencak Silat, Silat Street Fighting, and Traditional Indonesian Meditation and Energy Healing.
"Guru Penglima Darren Felsot is one of the finest examples of both a warrior and expert teacher of PCK Silat. "
Guru Besar Jerry Jacobs
Grand Master of PCK Silat

"If you want to see what we mean when we say this art is fascinatingly deadly, watch him move around and you'll see for yourself. He has a fire behind everything he does that is very contagious and he has been an absolutely invaluable contributor to my personal improvement in this art."

Guru Penglima Derek Owings
Raja Naga Academy
PCK Tennessee

"Guru Darren has changed my life. The art flows through him and into the practitioner he teaches. Once you start, the art will seep into all aspects of your life. You carry it with you when you leave the training room"

Nick Mettille
Student at King Dragon

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